Hate hot desking? Chaotic commute? You’re not alone

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If you loathe hot desking, and want to reduce your commute time, you’re not on your own. More than 400 people answered a survey by HCR Law on what they want from their workspace, and a good proportion of the respondents agree that a dedicated desk, an office with natural daylight, and more time spent working from home would make them more productive.

Your employer, however, may not think these factors matter. In fact 32% of respondents who gave a reason for why they don’t currently work from home, said their company doesn’t allow them to, although only 5% of employers who responded said they don’t endorse homeworking. There’s clearly a gap here which we’re interested in exploring further.

Andy Dyke, Director of ICONICS, a leading company delivering software solutions within the intelligent buildings sector and commercial real estate digital transformation, said that it would be interesting to understand why people don’t like hot desking.

He said: “Possibly it’s because it’s not handled correctly by the business – if a member of staff could book a desk, choose it in the right thermal zone, with the right noise level, in the area of a selected team, they might like hot desking, as it gives them more flexibility, personal preference, and a blended approach to leveraging more working from home.

“I also think it’s interesting that the survey says more people want to work from home, but everyone wants their own desk. This will never wear for businesses trying to drive down commercial real estate costs and maximise space utilisation. These are just some examples of the conflicts at play.”

Carolyn Wood, COO at Auckland Home Solutions, has seen employees’ dislike of hot-desking in action – after hot-desking was introduced, staff turnover rose sharply. She said: “No-one had their own desk and the effect was really clear – they had no attachment to the office because they couldn’t personalise anything – no-one felt they really belonged. It really impacted people’s mental health and commitment levels.”

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