Hardide Coatings move to a new 20,000 sq ft site in Bicester

Hardide Coatings

Advanced surface coating technology company, Hardide Coatings, has doubled the size of its UK production facility with a move to a new 20,000 sq. ft. site in Bicester.

The move has provided the Group with a high tech and efficient production environment with enhanced levels of environmental and energy efficiency. New production and filtration equipment further improves the environmental performance of the process, which has always been environmentally superior to other hard coating technologies. Two new coating reactors were installed during the year in the UK, bringing the total in the UK to five with a further four in the US. The UK’s new larger reactor was commissioned in September 2020. This, together with the new large pre-treatment line and cleaning machine means the process size capabilities are expanded by a third and can now accommodate components up to 1.5 metres long.

In September Hardide plc, which won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier last year, reported revenues of £4.7 million and an EBITDA loss of around £0.5 million. 

Production continued uninterrupted at both the UK and US sites throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant emphasis being placed on health and safety measures to protect staff and contractors.

Hardide Coatings develops, manufactures and applies advanced technology tungsten/tungsten carbide metal matrix coatings to a wide range of high wear/high value engineering components. Its patented technology is unique in combining, in one material, a mix of toughness and resistance to abrasion, erosion and corrosion; together with the ability to coat accurately interior surfaces and complex geometries. Aerospace customers include Airbus, BAE Systems, Leonardo Helicopters, Lockheed Martin and Triumph Group.