Hand sanitising door handles launched to help stop spread of infections

PullClean door handle

A door handle that dispenses hand sanitiser, invented by two Oxford Academics, including a doctor who felt he did not have the opportunity to wash or sanitise his hands enough on busy shifts, has been launched by a new Thame company, OpenClean Technologies.

The PullClean hand-sanitising door handle replaces the door handle in its entirety. The product can be accommodated by virtually any bathroom / lavatory door and also fits to hallway and office doors. Ease of installation was a priority for the team with each PullClean taking less than 10 minutes to fit.

To use, a tube-shaped cartridge is placed in the centre of the door handle, which releases sanitiser when the paddle is pushed upon exit of the door. A PullClean cartridge provides 400 uses.

Founder and Inventor Dr Jake Mcknight, said: “Originally we designed the Door Handles to be used in a clinical setting, yet now we’re seeing demand rocket in the hospitality and leisure sectors as governments attempt to get the spending economy back on track.

Pullclean doorsJake is a Global Health Researcher at Oxford Health System Collaboration (OHSCAR) based within Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford. His interests lie in hand hygiene, AMR, health seeking behaviour, health technologies and hospital management.

He added: “We’ve a track record of success, operating in hundreds of hotels and restaurants internationally – including some global names. With the UK government pushing Eat Out to Help Out we’ve sped up our launch here so as to help as many businesses as possible. Our mission is to make hand sanitising intuitive and not something we will forget, are too busy or distracted to do, and to educate around Critical Contamination Points. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the virus at this stage, but all the evidence suggests that keeping hands clean is a really important way of reducing infection.”

Andrew Hall, who owns  the Rose and Crown independent pub in North Oxford, has invested in a PullClean handle. He said: “We’ve done everything we can think of to reduce the chances of one of our patrons becoming infected. We’ve reduced seating, introduced an order and pay app, added shielding between tables, all our staff wear masks and we’ve moved entirely to table service. We installed the PullClean handle on the front door not only because it’s the best way of ensuring everyone cleans their hands, but also because it lets all of our customers know that we’re going to extra lengths to keep them safe. Our customers love it”