Halma acquires new capabilities in light measurement technology

Halma International Light Technologies

Halma, the Buckinghamshire-based global group of life-saving technology companies, has acquired International Light Technologies, Inc. (ILT) for its Environmental & Analysis sector business, Ocean Insight.

ILT, based in Peabody, Massachusetts, USA, is a leading developer of technical lighting sources and light measurement systems, which are used biomedical, environmental, agricultural, food and beverage, and industrial applications.

The company’s technologies are highly aligned with Halma’s purpose. Its products are used to test life-saving equipment across a range of markets, from healthcare to gas safety. These markets are all driven by long-term growth drivers, including rising demand for healthcare, and increasing health and safety regulations.

Andrew Williams, Group Chief Executive of Halma, said: “ILT’s focus on the generation and measurement of light is highly aligned with Ocean Insight’s mission to use the measurement of light to expand scientific discovery, reduce waste and improve the quality of life. ILT’s products and services will bring complementary capabilities and technologies to Ocean Insight, allowing it to serve a greater range of customer needs.”