Grundon launches new Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kit disposal service

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The last 12 months have been incredibly challenging. From every sector of industry to family and friends, COVID-19 has reached far and wide, impacting on businesses, livelihoods and, of course, our health and wellbeing.

Never wishing to stand still, Oxfordshire based Grundon Waste Management have developed new products and services for the ever-changing environment, including the disposal of COVID-19 test materials.

The Government’s roll out of Lateral Flow Test Kits is designed to help increase regular, rapid testing for people without symptoms of COVID-19.

Community testing has been taking place across schools, universities, workplaces and many other locations – often with a focus on the testing of critical or key workers who cannot work from home.

Given the variety and number of locations where testing is taking place, it’s essential that correct waste disposal procedures are in place.

Government regulations state that any waste that derives from Lateral Flow Test Kits, including the PPE worn by staff at testing centres, cannot be placed in general waste or mixed recycling. Instead they must be segregated into separate dedicated containers/sacks and sent for specialist disposal.

Test kits contain a small volume of a non-hazardous chemical which destroys any infection present. This means if the test returns a positive result, the waste is non-hazardous. Test kits must be placed in a neutral-coloured bag and then into a dedicated container ready for collection.

PPE is classified as offensive waste and must be placed in yellow sacks with at least one black stripe and then into a separate container.

Grundon can provide a full range of approved sacks and storage containers and work with customers to advise how many of each would be necessary, based on the number of tests taking place.

Once collected, the different waste streams are securely transported to Grundon’s own specialist waste treatment facilities, with all the necessary legal documentation provided.

For expert advice and information on safe and compliant disposal of PPE and testing kits, email, call 01753 686 777 or visit

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