Growth in life sciences sector sees Henley-in-Arden translations company expand

Photo shows: Rachel Coleman of ALM Translations
ALM Translations Rachael Coleman

Translation and marketing agency, ALM Translations, is expanding following a strong first quarter this year and a positive outlook for the rest of 2021.

Director Rachel Coleman said: “We are overjoyed to be in the envious position of requiring new talent in the wake of the difficult circumstances all businesses have experienced over the past 18 months.

“ALM has new positions opening across the board in departments including HR, IT, Production Training and Talent Management

“The technical department at ALM has played a major part in shaping the services we offer our clients, and we recognise that following the dynamic changes in a post-COVID world, the translation sector will be highly tech-driven. To ensure our position as a pioneer in this field, we are looking for an IT Manager to work alongside our Technical Solutions team in developing a technical strategy for the future.

“Our production department is also undergoing an overhaul including the deployment of knowledge centres and more sector-targeted project management with specialist project leads. This has already enabled us to provide a more customer-led focus when managing projects in rapidly growing sectors such as Life Sciences and Digital Marketing.

“So far in June, we have already welcomed to the team Tim John, a business development professional with an excellent track record who will be working directly with our enterprise clients, and Andy Eaton, ALM’s first Client Services Manager who will be taking care of our existing customers. ALM has also taken on 10 highly experienced contractors to complement our in-house team to provide additional capacity and support.

“Investing in our existing staff-base has always been a priority for us, and standing by that commitment we are creating a role for a Training, Development and Engagement Manager, responsible for maintaining a great working environment and ensuring employee satisfaction and engagement to push ALM further towards becoming an employer of choice.”

ALM Translations is an internationally acclaimed translation and marketing agency with over 20 years’ experience in delivering multilingual projects. From 2021 ALM launched a new digital marketing team to help clients engage with their target customers in overseas markets, providing support in areas such as keyword research, PPC, SEO and creative marketing campaigns.