Graphene manufacturer teams up with BP Polymers


Versarien plc, the advanced materials engineering group which has its headquarters in Cheltenham, has confirmed the name of the US manufacturer of speciality plastic packaging and transportation vessels for volatile chemicals it announced it was working with earlier this month. The company is BP Polymers,  and together they are exploring the use of Versarien’s graphene to enhance these products.

The agreement with BP Polymers LLC is to develop a next generation version of BP Polymer’s Kortrax® Barrier Resin, incorporating Versarien’s graphene for use with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) containers.

 Kortrax is a polyamide-based barrier resin which improves both the chemical permeability performance profile and the oxygen transfer rate of HDPE base resin containers.  Kortrax BR included containers can safely transport solvent-based products such as household chemicals, industrial chemicals, cleaning solvents, adhesives, wood preservatives, automotive additives and agricultural chemicals.  Kortrax is also used in food applications requiring a barrier resin to prevent both permeation and oxygen contamination, and is FDA, EU and USP 661 compliant.

This collaboration agreement will be focused on improving the product performance of Kortrax BR for the various markets it currently serves, through the addition of Versarien’s graphene, while developing new opportunities in other industries.  Utilising the properties of Versarien’s graphene, Kortrax 

Kevin Callahan, COO of BP Polymers, said: “With the announcement of this collaboration agreement, BP Polymers will continue to improve and enhance the performance characteristics of Kortrax.”

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien plc, added: “We are very pleased to have entered into this graphene application collaboration agreement with BP Polymers, further broadening the sectors addressed by our partnerships. We believe that graphene has the potential to provide significant enhancements to the family of Kortrax barrier resins, allowing BP Polymers to provide even better products for its customers.”