Government to invest £6.2m in new flood defences for Bewdley

Beales Corner Bewdley

Homes and businesses in Bewdley affected by devastating flooding during Storm Christoph in January 2021 are to get a £6.2m permanent defence, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced today.

A further £4.5m will be invested in smaller projects within the Severn Valley to help tackle flooding in the long term, using natural flood management techniques such as floodplain reconnection, wetland creation, woody debris dams and woodland planting to ‘slow the flow’ of water upstream of Shrewsbury.

Flooding Minister Rebecca Pow said:  “Flooding is a devastating experience as people in Bewdley know only too well.

“The new Beales Corner scheme, combined with flood alleviation projects further up the Severn Valley, will help significantly reduce the risk of flooding in this area in future.”

Up to £10m will also be used to support the development of the Severn Valley Water Management scheme. This is a programme of measures and interventions across the upper Severn catchment to manage water and reduce flood risk to communities in the Severn Valley. It will identify a mixture of wide-scale land use change, nature-based interventions and engineered solutions, working with landowners and partners across the catchment.

Funding for this scheme is being made available through the Government’s £170m economic recovery funding package, announced last year, aimed at accelerating work on shovel-ready flood defence schemes across England.

The investment is in addition to the delivery of the Government’s record £5.2 billion programme to build around 2,000 new flood and coastal defences across England by 2027, with Defra and the Environment Agency set to announce more details on its six-year investment plan for England in the coming days.