Gloucestershire goes blue in 2019 Election

By Ian Mean Business West Gloucestershire Director
Siobahn Baillie

Just after 5am, the Conservatives completed their landslide in the General Election when they secured 326 seats, and in Gloucestershire every seat went to the Conservatives, with Siobahn Baillie securing Stroud, tipping out incumbent Labour MP David Drew.

And according to ITV it now looks as though Boris Johnson will end up with about 368 seats to Labour’s 203.

It was a night of carnage nationally for the Labour party which lost seats, particularly in its traditional Northern heartlands.

And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who won his own seat at Islington, said he would not fight another election  as leader.

For the Tories, Boris Johnson now has the biggest Conservative majority since the Thatcher years allowing him to drive through Brexit.

The Liberal Democrats had a bad night with leader Jo Swinson losing her seat at Dumbartonshire East.

By all accounts, she had lead a pretty disastrous campaign after initially saying she could be Prime  Minister.

There are now obviously big questions over the future leadership of the Labour party with the feeling that its next leader should be a woman.

Veteran Labour MP Caroline Flint who lost her seat at Don Valley in Yorkshire really put the boot into Jeremy Corbyn when she said after her defeat:

“Sorry, we couldn’t offer you a Labour Party you could trust”.

And former Labour home secretary Alan Johnson said: “Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep. Everyone knew he couldn’t lead the working class out of a paper bag—I want Momentum out of the party..the worst result since 1935”.

I think we now have a political watershed.

The fact is that traditional Labour strongholds like Tony Blair’s old seat at Sedgefield

and Dennis Skinner’s at Bolsover which fell to the Tories, are going to need special attention.

They will expect government to have a vision for their future prosperity which is not just about Brexit.

The Tory manifesto was literally a blank canvass and that will have to change with a March Budget- one of the keys to give these new Conservative  supporters real help and hope.

Here in Gloucestershire we saw Labour’s David Drew lose his seat in Stroud where the Conservatives’ Siobahn Baillie won with a good campaign.

And Cheltenham’s Alex Chalk just squeezed in, with a reduced majority. For business here in Gloucestershire, I feel the election result will at long last give them some added confidence.

The pound was already going up when the 10pm exit poll results revealed what turned out to be a very accurate picture of the final result.

This was the night that the political landscape of Britain changed dramatically.