Gloucestershire employers urgently needed for top Cyber Degree Apprenticeship candidates

Gloucestershire College cyber facilities[2]

Cybercrime is the number one threat to all UK businesses.

According to government reports, the cost of cyber crime to the UK is £27 billion per annum, and while cyber crime impacts the individual, the main loser – at a total estimated cost of £21 billion – is UK business, which suffers from high levels of intellectual property theft and espionage.

Now Gloucestershire employers crying out for ambitious young people wanting a career in cyber security need to make just one call – to Gloucestershire College.

The college currently has more than 20 outstanding candidates who have been offered a conditional place on the new Cyber Degree Apprenticeship course. All they need are employers to start their cyber-career with.

The Cyber Degree Apprenticeship is a three-and-a-half-year programme delivered in partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE), which have cyber training programmes accredited by the NCSC.

And with a major global shortage of cyber professionals, according to a report published late last year by ISC², a leading global cybersecurity professional organisation, a shortage in the global cybersecurity workforce continues to be a problem for companies in all industries and of all sizes. In fact, this shortage remains the number one job concern for those working in the field.

In Europe, there is an increasing hiring demand emerging in smaller companies with 1 to 99 employees and in companies with 500+ employees.

Andy Bates, Vice Principal and CFO, Gloucestershire College, said: “In order to prevent these talented individuals from leaving Gloucestershire, we need businesses to provide them with cyber roles within their organisation so they can start their degree apprenticeship. Whilst we very much understand there are currently a lot of businesses who are not in the position to recruit, we strongly urge those that are to step forward.”

There is no shortage of enthusiasm on behalf of the applicants. One of the Gloucestershire College cyber apprentices said: “When I was younger it was because I loved the idea of being a spy, but as I have become older I realised I wanted to protect people against cyber-attacks because it will make a difference in people’s lives.”

The UK has one of the most vibrant digital economies in the world; however, there is not currently the tech skills base to match. Hiring an experienced cyber professional can be expensive as they’re in high demand. It’s far more effective to grow your own talent in-house through apprenticeships.

If your business needs a cyber degree apprentice from September and would like further information on what’s involved, please contact Gloucestershire College’s Business Hub team via: as soon as you can.