Gloucester’s robotics provider recruiting after record-breaking six months


Leading robotics and automation solutions company CKF Systems, is celebrating a record six months of substantial orders from global blue chip customers.

Based in Quedgeley, Gloucester CKF’s success during such a difficult and unpredictable climate shines a light on the important role automation has to play in facing the challenges that Brexit may bring.

CKF is now one of the largest UK-based system integrators, designing and manufacturing robotic systems, automated solutions and conveyor systems.

It’s experience, founded in the food industry, has been successfully transferred across a wide range of industries and it is now a recognised system provider across industry sectors.

Automation is now vital for food manufacturers who wish to stay ahead of the competition and ensure the future of their business by increasing productivity, maximising space and reducing wastage in their plant. Automated processes  help businesses become compliant with increasingly stringent safety regulations and a more demanding consumer who wants complete visibility when it comes to how their food has been handled throughout the production process. A brand recall or any question of compromised safety or hygiene would have huge costs for a business and also damage their brand and reputation.

Robbie Dawson, Sales and Marketing Manager at CKF, said: “Automation is the perfect way for businesses to mitigate any risks caused by reduction in EU labour and increased wages and production costs. The big players have been aware for a long time that robotics and automation technology is the way forward. Awareness is now growing amongst smaller companies, who have previously felt that automation wasn’t for them, that this technology is crucial to smoothly riding out any changes that may be ahead.

“The team at CKF are our greatest asset, we handle the full manufacture and design of our solutions in our Gloucester facility which means we can be cost-effective as well as provide the most appropriate solutions for our customer’s needs with a fast ROI.”