Gloucester – the best city to start a remote business says mobile payments company

Photo shows: a CGI of Gloucester's proposed new digital quarter
Gloucester new digital quarter – aerial view

Gloucester has been ranked as the best place to start a remote business. Who says so? Analysts at Dojo, an app helping customers accept payments and trade securely, which is owned by mobile payment processing company Paymentsense.

Dojo wanted to find out which city in the UK is the best place to turn lockdown hobbies into a successful side hustle, and this lovely cathedral city came out on top. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates out of all the UK regions examined at just over four per cent.

Some of the things Dojo took into account included population size, the startup survival rate and the average salary for full-time work.

To make this especially relevant for work from home businesses, they added the requirements for successful remote working: average broadband speed in different areas, the number of post-offices per city, and the cost to rent a one-bed apartment in the city centre.

With the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment standing at £558 and an average broadband speed of 39MB, self-starters could be on track to turn their bedroom into a business say Dojo.

The full list is below. We’re not sure quite how scientific the survey is, but it’s Friday, and it’s a good news story….

Rank City Population Total Score
1 Gloucester 129,128 162
2 Norwich 140,573 156
3 Southampton 252,520 153
4 Carlisle 108,678 148
5 Swansea 246,993 146
6 Peterborough 202,259 145
7 Portsmouth 214,905 145
8 St Albans 148,452 143
9 Chelmsford 178,388 143
10 Lincoln 99,299 141
11 Canterbury 165,394 139
12 Exeter 131,405 138
13 Nottingham 332,900 138
14 Plymouth 262,100 137
15 Leicester 354,224 136
16 Belfast 343,542 134
17 Lancaster 146,038 132
18 Cambridge 124,798 131
19 Bradford 539,776 131
20 Wolverhampton 263,357 129