Gloucester MP welcomes £4 million for NHS tech upgrades

Richard Graham

Gloucester MP Richard Graham has welcomed £4.35 million from the government to improve technology in the county’s NHS. The technology will be given to the Gloucestershire STP (all NHS Trusts) to improve patient care, reduce workload on staff and make funding go further to directly help patients.

The funding comes as part of the new Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s vision to make the NHS the world’s most advanced healthcare system. The wider half a billion pound national package will be available immediately to the NHS to roll out innovative tech aimed at improving efficiency and patient safety.

Richard said, “using technology effectively will be a big part of new Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s focus and helping our NHS to reduce paperwork and increase productivity through technology has to be right. It is important that the right training is available as part of the package too, so that staff can use any new system effectively.”

Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, said, “For too long, decisions on health and care have seemed to involve a trade-off – improving patient outcomes at the expense of placing ever more pressure on staff, while reducing the demands on staff has been seen to have an impact on patient care. Technology and data innovation offers an opportunity to move past this binary approach.”