Gloucester manufacturer launches new low friction coating

Poeton Apticote-480A

Poeton Industries has launched the latest in a long line of ground-breaking surface treatments. The Gloucester based company has launched Apticote 480A, a new composite coating that combines the properties of nickel and fluoropolymer materials into one problem-solving solution.

The new advanced coating builds on the strong Poeton history of developing innovative solutions. The treatment has been created in the Poeton Research & Development Laboratory led by Dr John Archer and builds on the success of existing nickel-polymer treatments. It adds to the existing line of Apticote solutions, developed over the past 30 years to provide exceptional performance enhancements above industry standard coatings.

Poeton Apticote 2This new coating, which can be applied to a variety of metals, displays benefits not previously achievable with similar surface treatments. It exhibits a remarkably low coefficient of friction, boasting a 75% reduction compared to previous offerings, that also remains stable over time.

Apticote 480A also delivers excellent non-stick properties, excels is in resisting the effects of adhesive wear and provides corrosion resistance for over 1000 hours in industry-standard tests.

These remarkable properties will bring a wealth of benefits to engineers across a range of industries. From ensuring the clean release of tablets from moulds in pharmaceutical manufacturing, prevention of sticky substances slowing food production and allowing less energy, fewer services and increased service life of moving parts across engineering, Apticote 480A will help enhance production, reduce costs and extend reliability.

Sean Hammond, group director of sales & marketing for Poeton, said: “This is a fantastic new coating that will provide real-world benefits across the engineering spectrum. Apticote 480A displays some truly exceptional features and is a big jump forward in what we can offer customers.”

And the innovation at Poeton is set to continue. Further investment is being made in research and development and will see additional surface treatments being launched later this year.

Sean continues: “Our investment in R&D is one of the core strengths of Poeton. We will always work closely with our customers to develop new coatings, helping solve their engineering challenges and pushing the limits of conventional materials.”


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