Gloucester based Quolux makes six figure investment in digital e-learning

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Gloucester-based Leadership development consultancy QuoLux has invested in a new digital e-learning service for a global audience of leaders, managers and companies.

To reflect its international positioning and to support business people across the world, a new modern website has been created and integrated with the newly formed QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre with its new range of online courses and programs and e-commerce facility.

The aim of the QuoLux Online Leadership & Management Centre is three-fold. Firstly, it provides the flexibility for self-paced learning, with the option of further support from qualified and experienced coaches and mentors. Secondly, it gives leaders and managers the opportunity to address the loneliness of leadership and participate in virtual small groups of like-minded peers from different organisations. Finally, it is an area for existing clients to develop themselves and their wider organisation.

Tewkesbury-based Mosaique Creative Marketing worked with the global marketing team from QuoLux™ to design the new website integrating it with a learning management system, e-commerce functionality and CRM. Over 15 different technologies have been innovatively brought together on the new platform to aid course creation and enhance the learning experience.

Dr Stewart Barnes, CEO of QuoLux notes, “Mosaique’s experience and insight were very valuable as they helped us simplify and clarify our marketing messages in a way that business leaders can immediately identify with.

“The coronavirus pandemic forced organisations across the globe to adapt quickly, with huge swathes of the workforce moving to remote working and a rapid fast-tracking of digital transformation projects. Leaders recognised that they also needed to adjust their approach in order to support their teams as they struggled to deal with emotional, economic, and psychological pressures. QuoLux™ made the move online in 2017 with the launch of The launch of the QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre provides leaders with the option of shorter online courses as well as the online versions of the programs we have been running in the West of England and Midlands for the last decade.

“The new short courses on Effectively Leading Change, Effectively Leading People, Giving Effective Feedback and Improving Self-Awareness have been immediately popular. Courses on Effective Communication and Effective Delegation follow soon. Every month we will add more relevant courses for leaders and managers.

“We have built into all the online courses the ingredients of successful learning for adults and the steps to apply that learning back into their organisations to make immediate improvements. We believe that is a game changer for online learning. Each learner has their own dashboards to monitor their progress, and all are recognised with Certificates of Completion which can be immediately posted to their LinkedIn credentials and to other social media.

“We have further expanded our services. For example, online Mentoring is particularly popular in Australia, our Planning2Win business simulation successfully develops teams and individuals in their use of business strategy, and we are particularly proud of our partnership with Good Dividends as we support businesses to consider how they can play their part in dealing with the Grand Challenges and problems that society faces. We have created a business model that integrates people, purpose, planet and profit.

“We are also seeing local business people sign up for LEAD™ Online as that format suits them better.

“The great news is that the major advancements that we have made online also strengthen our in-person programs.

“Before the pandemic struck, online leadership learning was already seen as a huge growth area with the leadership training market expected to grow. We aim to play our part in developing leaders and managers to be the best they can be and to #InspireBelief.”