Glos software company makes Track & Trace regulations for sports clubs easier


Coacha, a Gloucestershire based software company that provides sports, recreational and pastime clubs with handy membership management tools has added a new feature in light of lockdown regulations being relaxed slightly in England.

This new ‘Track and Trace’ functionality for sports clubs has been designed to reduce admin for clubs and help them to adhere to new government guidelines around re-opening for business whilst keeping everyone safe.

Clubs across the country have been on lockdown for several months, much to the disappointment of fitness fanatics and club owners alike. The UK government’s date for the reopening of clubs was the 25th July and, while this boost the industry, there is also cause for concern with the long list of re-opening guidelines set out by the government.

Of these, clubs will now be required to develop COVID Track and Trace process. This will be quite time consuming as it needs to:

  • record the data of anyone who attends their club
  • keep this data on record for a minimum of 21 days
  • be able to pass the data on to the authorities should they need to

New Coacha Track and Trace functionality builds on data that is already collected in the platform. Clubs will need to show that they are adhering to official guidance. Using Coacha will demonstrate they are on top of their obligations.

Coacha Co-founder Chris Davis said: “This Track & Trace feature will allow club owners and admins to view and download data for the period of time required by the guidance, which is currently set to the past 3 weeks. If a club is alerted to a COVID-19 case for someone who’s attended their club, they can select the member from their records and find out exactly who they have come into contact with.

As this data already exists in Coacha for the management of a club’s members, no extra data is required. This isn’t ‘Big Brother’ keeping an eye on people, but is an effective way of viewing information that already exists. There is also the ability for club members to report to clubs through a bespoke Member Portal if they have been tested for Covid19.

Coacha is aware that times are hard financially for clubs as they had to suddenly shut their doors back in March. So the software company is also offering a  free-to-use version of Coacha, Coacha Lite, which includes use of the COVID Track and Trace features. This will be free for life.

Coacha’s software is also available as USA, Canada, Australia and EU versions.