Global Nano Network expands with help from Uni of Warwick

Ian McFarlane-Toms, Maria Morera (GNN), Sindy Chaves, Juan Scott Chaves (CNN), Cllr Kam Kaur, Cllr Jim O’Boyle

A battery start-up company drawing on nanotechnology and biotechnology to create greener batteries is expanding its team and take the next step in turning its innovative ideas into reality.

Global Nano Network (GNN), based at the University of Warwick Science Park’s Venture Centre, made the move to its current site in January 2021 after starting in a make-shift lab in Costa Rica in 2017.

The company is developing greener battery components that can replace the limited raw materials contained in conventional batteries, such as nickel and cobalt, and improve the overall performance of lithium-ion batteries.

The innovations have a broad range of applications such as electric vehicles, heavy machinery, and mobile phones, and can be adapted to work in many other practical applications.

GNN’s idea is to use its previous expertise in nanotechnology – technology on an incredibly small scale – to incorporate new materials into batteries to improve their life and recyclability.

And thanks to support from the Business Ready programme and advice from Coventry City Council, GNN is almost ready to take the next step in the business’s evolution after accessing several grants.

And, should a further InnovateUK grant application be successful, GNN will not only be able to expand its team, but will increase its technology readiness level and manufacturing readiness level – meaning its components will closer to being adopted by various industries.

Ravi Daswani, CEO of GNN, said: “Business Ready’s early advice was so important because it reassured us that there is a network of people outside our organisation that are prepared to help us achieve our goals, and our integration with Warwick Manufacturing Group was crucial to us as well and meant we were able to use the expertise and facilities to test our batteries and generate data to help us to consistently improve.

“Should our InnovateUK application come through, we’ll be able to expand our team and develop our technology even further, which is just fantastic.”

Ian McFarlane Toms, of Business Ready, said: “ Global Nano Network has progressed rapidly in the time they have been here, and it’s brilliant that they are close to expanding thanks to the grants they have accessed, and their proximity to world class facilities such as WMG. The technology GNN is developing is revolutionary, and we will do all we can to support them on that journey.”