Global medical kit exporter steps up to help NHS

Kimal procedural solutions

A Worcestershire manufacturer of equipment used for medical procedures in hospitals around the world, has ramped up the production of specialised procedure packs and devices for treating UK Covid-19 patients, with the support of an extended working capital facility from Lloyds Bank.

Kimal which is based at Worcester Six Business Park, has focused all of one of its manufacturing facilities and a significant proportion of its other facility into producing equipment solely for the NHS in response to the pandemic. The third-generation medical supplies firm typically exports to more than 70 countries globally, from Australia to Brazil.

The company produces customised procedure packs and medical devices used by clinicians in critical care and intensive care units, through to operating rooms for heart transplants.

It created its specialist Nightingale procedure pack for the field hospital at the London ExCel through a dedicated multi-disciplinary team. It saw the first 1,000 produced, sterilised and despatched on the 24th March with production increasing to 14,000 per week to support both UK and international efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

Kimal turned to longstanding banking partner Lloyds Bank, to help it ramp up production of the specialised packs, whilst income from its traditional business had fallen, securing an extended working capital facility.

Alan Press, executive chairman of Kimal, said: “Whilst our packs are used in hospitals around the world, it felt morally right to pivot our efforts to help in the fight that’s right on our doorstep, here in the UK.

“From manufacturing to logistics, our team has worked tirelessly to meet the urgent needs of the NHS, all whilst complying with social distancing. While ensuring we maintain sufficient capacity to meet NHS needs, we are also now making our focussed Covid-19 specialist packs available for our international distribution partners to help in their fight against this pandemic.

“But we wouldn’t have been able to supply the NHS and Nightingale Hospitals if it wasn’t for the financial support from Lloyds Bank. It’s given us the flexibility to ramp up in one area while slowing down in others – something that will be critical again as hospitals slowly begin to restart regular procedures.”

Darren Baker, relationship director at Lloyds Bank said: “It’s remarkable how swiftly the team at Kimal responded to the NHS’ call for supplies as it prepared for the peak of the UK outbreak. It had begun producing its specialist packs for the treatment of UK patients even before an order had been officially placed, showing a great sense of duty by the business.

“It’s an excellent example of one of the many firms that we’re working fast to support, whether to help front line efforts or to buffer against challenging times.”