Glass more than half full for G-Smatt


Less than three months after launching in the UK, G-Smatt Europe, the developer of smart glass for media solutions, has won two awards. The first came at The Showman’s Show where, alongside the first installation of the glass seen by the UK events industry, the company received Best Exhibition Hall stand. The following week the company’s unique offering was recognised again, winning the Technological Innovation of the Year at the London Construction Awards.

G-SMATT is a Korean company based in Seoul. In July last year the company launched G-SMATT Europe Media Limited, headquartered in Oxford. The global company has an annual revenue worldwide of over $90M.

G-SMATT’ innovative media glass allows you to turn glass façades into a vast canvas.

“We are very a young company and we didn’t expect to gain such recognition at such an early stage in our development but we are thrilled that our innovative approach has been acknowledged by the construction industry,” said Orhan Ertughrul, European Vice President, G-Smatt Europe.

“The team worked hard to make these exhibitions a success. Constructing a two tier, glass and steel structure on the second floor of the Olympia exhibition hall was no mean achievement but it was worth it as our stand formed a centrepiece for London Build 2017 and it really showcased our capabilities.”