Get ready for another new word: “Furloughteering”

Photo shows: Wright Hassall helped run Myton Hospice charity shops last year
Wright Hassell Furloughteering

A new charity matchmaking service is allowing people on furlough to use their time and skills to support local good causes that are struggling during the pandemic.

Leamington Spa law firm Wright Hassall has set up a new ‘furloughteering’ page on its web site, to allow charities to advertise essential work that needs doing to keep them operating during lockdown.

With the pandemic seeing more people in need of help than ever before, local charities are working at capacity to continue providing support, and the furloughteering pages will connect them with new volunteers.

The law firm has been working with its Charitable Trust to reach out to charities in need of support to advertise for specific work and tasks that need managing urgently.

Sarah Perry, Managing Partner at Wright Hassall said: “As a Midlands-based company, being involved in the local community is one of our key priorities, and this will allow us to help local charities that are struggling during these difficult times.

“While on furlough, workers can still participate in training and volunteering, so people with extra time on their hands can dedicate that time to helping these charities continue the important work they do.

“Many charities are suffering not just in terms of revenue but in their resources and ability to get simple things done during the restrictions of lockdown. Our new web pages will showcase the support these charities are looking for and allow people to contact them directly.

“So far, we have roles listed for admin support, website admin and graphic designers for local charities including Helping Hands and Pawprints Dog Rescue.

“We are calling on more charities in need of help to get in touch to list a role; there are so many people on furlough with useful skills and new time available to commit to helping, which is why it is so important to get involved.

“For anyone on furlough wanting to help their community, check the furloughteering pages to see what skills they can use and where they can help – we’re urging people to help and get involved where they can!

“With the support of everyone, we can help these charities to get back on track and continue helping the community’s most vulnerable people during this pandemic.”

Picture caption: Wright Hassall helped run Myton Hospice charity shops last year