GenomeKey secures Innovate UK funding to drive faster diagnosis and treatment of sepsis

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GenomeKey, the Bristol-based research and development company which is searching for faster diagnosis and treatment of sepsis, has secured a research award of £950,000 towards a next-generation sepsis diagnostic with Innovate UK (Biomedical Catalyst). The project will take its innovative technology and embed it on a small microfluidic chip.

Last year GenomeKey raised £192,000 from 16 members of Bristol Private Equity Club.

This will enable the biotech to provide rapid bacterial species identification, and antimicrobial profiling, in the hospital to help save lives,  money, and our #antibiotics for the future.

Michael Roberts, CEO of GenomeKey said: “Sepsis kills one in five people globally every year, and many of these deaths occur due to antibiotic resistance. GenomeKey believes in a future where these deaths can be avoided. This project will enable us to get GenomeKey’s diagnostic for rapid bacterial species and antibiotic resistance identification closer to the people who need it by placing our technology onto a portable microfluidic chip. We look forward to working with Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst towards this goal.”

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