GCHQ sets fiendish 2020 Christmas card challenge

GCHQ christmas Card

The Cheltenham-headquartered UK intelligence, security and cyber agency, GCHQ, has reveal this year’s Christmas card, which features one of its most fiendish puzzles yet.

The card has been sent by GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming to colleagues and partners across the world, and the agency also sharing the brainteaser with the public for to enjoy over the festive season.

The Christmas card challenge can be downloaded from the agency’s website. To solve it, you’ll need to complete a number of incomplete letter sequences before plotting your answers on a special Christmas bauble to reveal a hidden message.

A GCHQ spokesperson said:“Problem solving is at the heart of what we do. Taking on this Christmas cracker gives puzzlers an insight into the skills you need to be a GCHQ analyst.

“Bring together a mix of minds by sharing it with the wise men and women in your household to find the solution.”

The challenge was put together by GCHQ staff.

The agency also sets weekly puzzles on its Twitter channel and earlier this year announced it had raised more than £500,000 for the mental health initiative Heads Together through the sales of its two GCHQ Puzzle Books.