GCHQ partners with Coding Black Females to get women back to workplace


Cheltenham-based intelligence agency GCHQ has partnered with nonprofit organisation Coding Black Females to get Black women back into the workplace.

The Return to Tech bootcamp is aimed at Black women who have previously worked in the tech industry and would like to return after a career break.

Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for a £44,000 senior software engineer role at GCHQ and go through GCHQ’s recruitment process in order to secure a role at the end of the bootcamp.

Research suggests that only 19 per cent of the tech workforce are women – and the figure is even less for Black women is just one per cent.

“The underrepresentation of Black women in tech will always be one of our biggest motivations,” said a spokesperson. “At Coding Black Females we want to be able to meet every black woman, in all stages of their journey, at the point of their need. That is why we are committed to supporting black women who want to return to tech after a break.”

Applications for the bootcamp close on July 10 with the bootcamp starting running from September 4 to 15. Details can be found at https://codingblackfemales.com/returntotech