Former MakeUK boss is NED for Lontra

T C Scuoler Lontra

Lontra, a Warwickshire-based pioneer in advanced engineering solutions, has announced the appointment of Terry Scuoler CBE.

Terry has more than 30 years of experience in engineering and an impressive track record in senior roles, including as CEO at EEF (now known as Make UK) where he helped raise the profile of British manufacturing, and as Managing Director of Ferranti Technologies where he led a management buy in and returned the company from years of decline to one of substantial growth and high profitability.

As well as having sat on a number of Ministerial Committees Terry has previously served on the Boards of Semta, the Sector Skills Council for Manufacturing and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Institute.

He has also been Chair of the Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based Industries (CEEMET) representing some 200,000 businesses and 35 million employees across Europe.

Since leaving EEF, Terry has developed a portfolio career, including roles as Chairman of the Institute of Export & International Trade, Chairman of Talent Retention Solutions (TRS), and as a policy advisor on the manufacturing sector for Santander UK, in addition to his new position at Lontra.

Joining Lontra’s expanding team, Terry’s background in manufacturing and technology will be significant in contributing to the company’s continued business growth as it prepares to open the UK’s first purpose-built advanced manufacturing facility.

Lontra’s Blade Compressor technology, already licensed for use in aeration equipment for the treatment of waste water by global pumping equipment leader Sulzer has been proven in operation to be 21 percent more efficient than more traditional alternatives. The company is now adding additional products to its portfolio, enabling Lontra to bring its award-winning technology to the food and drink and pharmaceutical industries.

Last year, Lontra announced a commitment by its production partners to invest and expand its manufacturing facilities in Warwickshire. The factory will open later this year, complementing the firm’s existing R&D Technology Centre and enabling the firm to better address an $84bn market across 150 countries through its growing global distributor network.  In addition to this, Lontra is now working towards a collaborative UK Industry and Government £70-million investment proposal to expand its research, development and manufacturing further in The Midlands and The North, launch a new digital services facility in London and build several assembly plants across multiple ports around the UK, over time supporting 1000’s of high value jobs and careers.

Terry’s extensive experience will play an important role in ensuring Lontra continues to grow and scale, developing high value careers and exportable technologies, products and services.

Steve Lindsey, Lontra’s CEO said: “Terry has an exceptional track record in ensuring that the UK fully recognises the potential prosperity that a successful manufacturing sector can bring. We’re delighted to welcome Terry to our rapidly growing team, to help drive Lontra’s commercial strategy forward, enabling us to reach our full potential. He will be instrumental in taking our novel, patented designs and multi-award winning products to new markets and sectors, helping us to create a wealth of opportunities for skilled employment as we realise our ambition to become one of the world’s leading advanced engineering firms.”

Terry Scuoler said: “I am delighted to be joining Lontra, a high-growth British engineering company developing revolutionary Blade Compressor® technology with applications across a wide range of industrial sectors. This award-winning technology has huge potential providing increased output and reliability, reduced energy use, and machine down time to the multi-billion pound global compressor market.

I am looking forward to helping Steve Lindsey and his executive team deliver the huge potential of such advanced British engineering.”