Forging ahead or wait and see – which way ahead for advanced manufacturing?

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Uncertainty is here to stay, whether because of Brexit, US trade tariffs or simply shifting political situations across the world.  Looking ahead for advanced manufacturing companies, Harrison Clark Rickerbys joins with Lloyds Bank and the CBI at Puckrup Hall on 2 April to consider opportunities and discuss business resilience.

The event, which runs from 8am to 10.30am, includes speakers from Lloyds – Rhys Herbert, Senior Economist in the bank’s Commercial Banking division, will speak on ‘The view from the bridge – an economic overview’, following  introductions by Dave Atkinson, the bank’s Head of Manufacturing (SME & mid corporate).

Rhys Herbert last year warned of coming interest rate rises globally as well as in the UK, citing Brexit as one factor which was slowing growth but also noting that consumer spending was slowing.

Nicolas Groffman, Head of International for Harrison Clark Rickerbys, will look at practical approaches which companies should take to a new international trade landscape – checking compliance with new and changing regimes, taking advantage of free trade agreements wherever they apply and spending time and effort on due diligence.

On the basis that uncertainty is always with us, he will urge companies not to wait and see what happens with Brexit but to be ready to take opportunities whenever possible.

Addressing both the state of trade at the moment and the UK’s skills needs, Deborah Fraser, the CBI’s regional director for the south west, will round off the speaker session, which will be followed by a question and answer session.

Robert Capper, Head of Advanced Manufacturing for Harrison Clark Rickerbys will close the official session, and there will be refreshments and a chance to network as well as have one-to-one discussions with panel members.

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For more information contact Robert Capper at or on 01905 744814.