Gloucestershire vehicle salvage company appoints Green Parts Director

Sarah Hirst Synetiq

Leading UK vehicle salvage, dismantling & recycling specialist, Synetiq, which has sites in Gloucester and Cinderford, has appointed Sarah Hirst as its new Green Parts Director – marking a new chapter in the business’ drive towards the sustainable future of vehicle repairs.

Sarah will manage the flow of recycled ‘green’ vehicle parts at Synetiq, managing the relationship between the business and its clients, including insurers, fleets, repair centres and garages.

Sarah will work across different markets to ensure green parts are always considered during the vehicle repair process, generating greater CO2 savings. She brings 30 years’ experience in fleet and accident management sectors, having previously held senior roles at Copart and the RAC.

With a current stock of more than 257,000 reusable vehicle parts, Synetiq supports the insurance and vehicle repair network.

Sarah said: “Having worked in vehicle repair and fleet management, I understand the crucial factors that allow green parts to be used effectively. For us, it’s about taking a partnership approach with garages, bodyshops and insurance repair partners, to ensure we can unlock the potential of sustainable vehicle repair together.”

Synetiq has 14 locations and around 500 staff across the UK. In October last year it was acquired by IAA Inc, a leading global digital marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers. IAA Inc paid £225 million.