Food provenance pioneer to turn Royal Three Counties Show transparent

Pictured: Matthew Rymer, Founder of Happerley and Adam Henson
Royal Three Counties Show

The renowned Royal Three Counties Show has bid to become the Association of Show and Agricultural Organisation’s (ASAO) first to turn fully Happerley Transparent.

The groundbreaking news is set to ratify food and drink provenance across one of ASAO’s premiere agricultural events, which runs from on Friday 14th to Sunday 16thJune.

Diana Walton, Head of Shows at Three Counties, said: “We are thrilled to be the first agricultural show to embrace Happerley Transparent. It’s so important for consumers to know exactly where their food is coming from and that companies are going above and beyond to make sure their products are sustainable. We are so proud to be involved and plan to embrace this food movement.”

Matthew Rymer, CEO and founder of Happerley, explains:“It is commendable that The Royal Three Counties is the UK’s first major event to lead the way in beginning its journey to deliver total food and drink transparency. We expect other events to follow, and have already been approached by several major music festivals. The consumer wants to know where their food is actually from, more than ever.“

To kick-off the bold initiative, Rymer will be talking about future food trends and traceability in the business hub at the show’s Wellington Boot Theatre, between 10.45am and 11.30am on the Friday.

There will also be a Happerley Food Heaven event, where the very best in transparent food producers will sell only food and drink with provenance, enabling consumers to better appreciate and understand the journey of their food.

Happerley will also be running several workshops and activities for visitors to learn more about the food chain and transparency, and renowned TV presenter, author and farmer Adam Henson, a passionate advocate of Happerley, will be available for interviews from 10am to 10.45pm.

Happerley, founded by farmers, is working on behalf of the whole UK food industry and all consumers to develop and implement a means to secure provenance, honesty and transparency, gifting the consumer with the knowledge of the journey that their food has taken.

The Royal Three Counties Show is renowned as being the heart of England’s premiere celebration of the countryside and rural life, with more than 90,000 people expected to attend this summer’s three-day event.

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