When in Rome is 1st UK wine brand goes public with their carbon footprint

When in Rome

The Gloucestershire  sustainable wine brand When in Rome has partnered with CarbonCloud to quantify their product’s carbon footprint and bring more transparency to their climate impact. This initiative will allow When in Rome to analyse the climate impact of their products, starting with three of their best-selling, bag in box wines.

The analysis scopes a Life Cycle Assessment of the wine, analysing the greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the production (cradle-to-shelf), from agriculture to distribution, right up until the point the product is placed on the shelf.

Brands such as Oatly and Tenzing are already using CarbonCloud to demonstrate the climate footprint of their products. This has enabled them to identify areas of concern and put in place plans and processes to reduce their carbon footprint, with Tenzing achieving climate transparency in just three weeks.

Labelled as the UK’s leading alt-format wine brand, with a mission to make wine with a low carbon footprint more accessible, the company offers the following eco-friendly packaging formats; bag-in-box, cans, and recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

When in Rome has started their transparency journey with three of their Bag-in-Box SKUs; Nero d’Avola 2.25L and their Grillo Organic DOC Sicilia 2.25L which are available in Waitrose, alongside their Sauvignon Bianco 2.25L. The first wine to be assessed, the Sauvignon Bianco, yielded a climate footprint of 0.69 kg CO2e/kg. When comparing this with the same wine packaged in a single-use glass bottle, a score of 1.18 kg CO2e/kg was produced, meaning a massive reduction of 41% in carbon production compared to the less eco-friendly alternative.

The calculations for the Nero d’Avola 2.25L and their Grillo Organic DOC Sicilia 2.25L, were calculated shortly after and saw a climate footprint of 0.88 kg CO2e/kg.

By engaging with CarbonCloud, When in Rome has been able to be more transparent with consumers and identify some quick areas for success to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rob Malin, CEO of When in Rome said: “This is a great start of our commitment to radical transparency on the climate impact of our business activities – but it is only the beginning. Going forward, we will work with our producers as well as CarbonCloud to minimise the climate footprint of all of our products.”

Beatrice Tobin of CarbonCloud added: “When in Rome unbox a true Italian wine experience and a noble yet raw commitment to consumer and industry transparency. We are cheering When in Rome on joining the climate footprint movement and setting the example in the UK wine market.”