First-Ever National Plum Day Aims to Restore British Fruit to Plum Position

PERSHORE Plum Festival

The UK’s first official National Plum Day will take place on Saturday 11th August. The event has been set up by the Pershore Plum Festival, the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project and The Vale Landscape Heritage Trust.

The Pershore Plum Festival, which takes place throughout August,  celebrates its association with plums of all varieties and sees this riverside market town become a sea of purple and yellow, reflecting  the colours of its two most famous plums – the Pershore Purple  and the Pershore Yellow Egg Plum.

A calendar of activities attracts thousands of visitors to the region to enjoy events including Worcester Racecourse’s Plum Festival Race Night, plum coach tours and the Bank Holiday festival weekend – three days of food, entertainment and plum fun.

Commenting on the launch of National Plum Day, event organiser, Angela Taylor said:

“Plums were once the nation’s favourite fruit and for good reason, they even helped win WW1 as jars of plum jam kept the troops in the trenches going.  Plums are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, said to help control obesity and diabetes, aid digestion and are great for skincare – to name but a few benefits. What’s more, we grow them here in the UK, yet many plum orchards have fallen into neglect.

We want to see this versatile fruit top shopping lists and restaurant menus again and National Plum Day is the perfect place to start”.

To read more on the Pershore Plum Festival visit our July issue and turn to page 26-27.