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The brain child of Harrison Clark Rickerbys Head of Finance Group, Jon Whitbread, Finance Generator was designed for business leaders who want clear, bespoke, impartial advice on the best financing option for their specific situation. These finance solutions are drawn from the worlds of debt, equity and grant funding. Bringing together a panel of experts, with experience and connections across the whole funding landscape, Finance Generator allows business leaders the ability to outsource fund raising, whilst remaining in control of the process.

We work with investors and banks, as well as a range of alternative funders and grant funders, linking corporates and money. We find the finance solution that you need, manage the legal and credit processes and support the transaction until the money is in your bank.

We are involved at every stage of growth, and because we are not tied to any funders, customers get the best deal for their business.

Finance Generator identified £5.5m funding for an early stage IT infrastructure project

Indectron was looking for £5.5m of funding for the development of a premium co-lo data centre and was referred to Jon by its relationship bank, who recognised the strong management team and sound business plan but knew that the business was too early stage to secure senior debt.

The Finance Generator panel identified debt and grant funding solutions for Indectron which ultimately raised £3m by way of a 0% loan and £2.5m via asset finance.

The Indectron team were delighted with the affordable Finance Generator solution which meant that a project which had been waiting for funding for nearly five years, could finally become a reality. The facility is now trading successfully and provides a fabulous data storage and connection facility for the region.

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Q&A with Jon Whitbread, Managing Director of Finance Generator

Q: I have a great creative idea, but my bank isn’t able to support me – what do you suggest?

A: There are a number of possible solutions for your creative idea. Crowdfunding may work well as it is suited to creative businesses; if you can pitch persuasively, you can use different types of crowdfunding to great effect. These range from donation-based lending to loan-based or reward-based lending. There are also specialist not-for-profit organisations such as Creative England that might work well in this context. Speak with us and I am sure we will be able to assist.

Q: I started my own business and we’re making good progress but we need finance to grow – who can help?

A: Make sure you have a robust set of financials, a solid business plan which takes you into the future, along with market analysis, competitor assessments and marketing/sales plans. In the market at the moment, there are so many forms of support that may or may not be appropriate for you whether by way of peer to peer support, grant funding, debt funds, growth capital (debt or equity), cashflow funders etc.

Q: The bank has been helpful up to a point, but we need more funding to maintain our growth rate – how do we limit the amount of equity we give up?

A: You are right, a balance needs to be struck between giving up large parts of your company by selling equity, versus burdening the business with debt. The good news is, that the perfect, balanced solution is out there, it’s just a case of having the best advisers to lead you through the thought process and to help you find the perfect equity/debt partners, as appropriate. The other good news at the moment is that there are a large number of credible debt and equity solutions in the market.

Q: How do I know what the best type of business finance is for my company’s stage of development?

A: Call Jon Whitbread and say ‘Finance Innovation’ – From start-ups to long-established companies, everyone needs to find the right sources of finance for them at that right time. Finance Generator offers clear choices in an often crowded and confusing marketplace. From angel investors to private equity, from peer to peer lenders to bridging finance, we will link companies with funders/investors based on bespoke packages built individually for you.

To find the right financial fit, call Jon Whitbread on 01242 285254 today and say ‘Finance Innovation’.