Fasthosts’ staff donate to Gloucester Foodbank

Gloucester Food bank

When Shaun John lost everything after a mini stroke, the Gloucester Foodbank helped him back on his feet. Four years later, Shaun is the head of telesales at leading web and cloud hosting provider Fasthosts, based at Gloucester Docks.


Shaun has supported the foodbank ever since, and encouraged his team members to get involved. The company has now committed to supporting the Foodbank throughout the year.

Gloucester Foodbank is one of the Trussell Trust’s 400-strong network of foodbanks set up to support those in crisis. Individuals can be referred to the foodbank by social services, the Jobcentre, Citizens Advice or the local MP’s office.

It’s important to understand how someone can end up in a crisis situation like this. Shaun tells his story:

“I pretty much lost everything. It made me realise that anyone is potentially just three or four pay cheques away from a crisis. Nothing can describe what it feels like to try to recover while being unable to support yourself. I was referred to Gloucester Foodbank, who supplied me with a three-day emergency food parcel to keep me going. It fundamentally changed my life and helped me get back on the road to recovery.”

“When you’re at rock bottom, it feels like there are a hundred steps to climb. These guys offer a first step, but that first step can quickly escalate to your first 5, 10 or 15, and they help the process happen a lot faster. They’re absolutely amazing.”

Shaun encouraged his team members to donate time, money, or both to the scheme. The response was phenomenal, with employees wanting to go but unable to due to so many people volunteering.

“Not one person came back to the office disappointed, and all were incredibly humbled. It’s important to support our community, because you never know when you’ll be relying on it to support you.”