Fancy wearing any designer clothing brand you want? A Gloucestershire fashion brand is making it possible – digitally


A Gloucestershire virtual fashion brand republiqe is making the most exclusive and expensive fashion available to those of us with much smaller pockets (and perhaps bigger bottoms).

In what we at Business & Innovation Magazine think is real innovation, republiqe says it is the “worlds first fully digital luxury fast fashion brand that designs unique creations”.

Digital clothing? What? So it doesn’t exist in physical form? That’s right.

You browse the collection, choose a piece, then send a photo in. Republiqe then “photoshop” the image onto your photo and email back for you to share online. Aimed at the digital generation, Gen Z, who want to look good online but don’t want to harm the planet in the process, it allows them to embrace furs and fast fashion in an ethical manner.
Big brands like Balenciaga, H&M and even Nike are getting involved, and now republiqe has announced that it is the first all digital, UK fashion house and the first to create a partnership with a luxury accessories retailer.
Monnier Frères has become an official partner to republiqe after admiring their innovation within the fashion industry. The partnership begins with twenty-four digital garments from republiqe being available for purchase via the Monnier Frères website. The virtual garments provide the perfect compliment to the luxury accessory purchases, allowing fashion conscious consumers to invest in slow fashion accompaniments to their more sustainable virtual garments.

MONNIERFRERES_DIGITCLOTHES_00007-carreCreated in 2011, Monnier Frères is a Paris-based ecommerce website that draws its expertise from the fashion credentials of the famous French capital. It specialises exclusively in women’s accessories and, rather like a concept store, aims to offer a selection of products from well-known brands as well as from emerging young designers.

So the pairing of Monnier Frères seems perfect, as republiqe describes itself as “not for the quiet, conservative introvert. We are for the misfits, the ones who do not belong, the ones who want to stand up and stand out, make a difference, make a change, the rule breakers, those with attitude and sass.

“republiqe collections are sexy, provocative, raw, edgy and messy, yet always luxurious with an attention to detail and craftsmanship that is at the highest end of the industry, and the best thing about our garments – 100% digital, fully sustainable, ethically produced and as our garments are ‘one size fits all’, no discrimination against body size or shape.”

Republiqe’s digital garments can be paired with accessories from Monnier Frères brands such as; Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Balenciaga, By Far, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Off White. Those interested in purchasing a virtual outfit can do so by visiting Republiqe Clothing (, selecting the outfit they would like to purchase and sending in a photo of themselves. Just 48 hours later, the team at republiqe will share the image of the fitted piece.

James Gaubert, founder and Creative Director of republiqe, which is based in Stroud, said: “We are very excited to be partnering with Monnier Frères. Our partnership allows both brands the chance to reach out to new customer bases, including those luxury shoppers who have never heard of virtual fashion. Even as little as 12-14 months ago, digital fashion was not as readily available as it is now, with virtual fashion perceived as something to be purchased for a video game character or avatar. This partnership signifies a first step for digital clothing becoming more mainstream as the lines between physical and digital blend farther than they have before.

James has more than 22 years luxury fashion experience spanning the UK, US, Middle East and Asia, having worked with brands such as Chanel, LV, Burberry, Bulgari, Net-a-Porter, Harrods, Tag Heuer and Tiffany’s and qualified in both design and styling ensure he has a well-rounded set of skills and experience to lead the team at Republiqe. James is keen to drive change in the industry and lead the way from both a digital and sustainability perspective. He was head of digital in Singapore for Ogilvy.

Monnier Frères’ Buyer, Mathilde Vanini & CRM & Trade Marketing Manager, Baptiste Mouret, added: “This collaboration between a physical and digital fashion brand is a first. We at Monnier Frères are so happy to be making history by working with republiqe and giving our customers the opportunity to try a glimpse into the future of fashion for themselves.

“To celebrate the launch Monnier Frères conducted a never-before-done shoot around the city of Paris in late October shooting imagery of models with various accessories that republiqe then fitted the virtual garments to.

“Once purchased, customers are encouraged to share their newly adorned images using the hashtags #playwithmonnier and #digitalfashion.”