Extreme E Electrifies Bicester and Motorsport Valley

Extreme E

Extreme E, which is aiming to take electric racing to some of the most remote corners of the planet to highlight climate change while showcasing the performance of all-electric SUVs in extreme conditions, has acquired logistics and distribution premises in Bicester, assisted by White Commercial.

The premises have been taken in addition to an existing facility at Donnington Raceway, as the Extreme E series prepares to set sail for Season 1 on board the former Royal Mail Ship ‘St Helena’, which has been commissioned and fully-refurbished for the expedition, acting as the operations, freight, logistics, accommodations and floating garage hub for the series.

Extreme E, founded and led by Spanish entrepreneur Alejandro Agag, the man behind the FIA Formula E Championship, will be hosting its inaugural season in early 2021, staged across five environments, where climate change challenges across different ecosystems will be the focal point of each race. Locations include Greenland in the Arctic, Brazil’s Amazon, the Saudi Arabian Desert, Argentinan Patagonia, and Senegal on the West Coast of Africa.

Jamie ChadwickLast week, former Cheltenham College pupil Jamie Chadwick announced she would be taking part in the series, as Veloce Racing’s female driver. Jamie, a Williams F1 development driver and W Series Champion, said: “Climate change is something that affects us all, so I’m really keen to start doing my part to fight it. I can safely say that testing the car was one of the best and most fun experiences I have had in my career so far. I can’t wait to get out to the amazing venues where we’ll be racing next year; these are some of the most beautiful and endangered locations on our planet. Both on and off-track, it promises to be an incredibly rewarding journey.”

She will be co-driving Veloce Racing’s Extreme E-SUV ODYSSEY 21.

Extreme E will be working closely with a Scientific Committee of experts in each region to raise global awareness and highlight such factors as rising carbon emissions, melting ice-caps, deforestation, desertification, droughts, plastic pollution and rising sea levels – whilst encouraging the way to a lower carbon future, as well as providing a world-first gender equal motorsport platform.

Likened to ‘Star Wars Pod racing meets Dakar Rally’, the races are designed to display short, sharp wheel-to-wheel racing action. Each race, known as an X Prix, will incorporate two laps over a distance of approximately 16 kilometres. Four teams, with two drivers – one male, one female – completing a lap apiece in-car, will compete head-to-head in each race over the two-day event.

Extreme E is also the first event organiser to use hydrogen fuel cell power generators, in collaboration with AFC Energy, to charge its race cars by using this pioneering zero emission technology.