Experts in your Built Environment…

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Based in Gloucestershire, Vitruvius Management Services are a project and construction management consultancy which leads, manages and delivers commercial construction projects.

Working as strategic partners with clients’ is central to the Vitruvius principles. Vitruvius are experts in creating and delivering the right ‘Built Environment’ to achieve business growth, not just for the short term, but into the future.

Vitruvius is a construction management consultancy that was established in 2008 by Mark Price who has over 30 years’ experience in the construction sector. As Managing Director, Mark leads the team delivering a wide variety of projects in the health, transport, commercial, educational, retail, leisure, industrial and residential sectors both locally and nationally.

Leading Project Delivery

Vitruvius lead project delivery from the front and are adept at seeing the overall picture and realising outcomes required to achieve their clients’ business goals and visions through their Built Environment requirements.

They work on an extensive range of projects across a wide service base through the Pre- Construction and Construction phases of projects; from Strategic Masterplanning, Project Management and Quantity Surveying, to full Construction Management, Vitruvius are professionally accredited by the Association for Project Management, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and The Chartered Institute of Building.

Experts in Your Built Environment / Managing the Risk

As a niche business, Vitruvius build a team around the project bringing together a skill range to achieve the clients aims, finding solutions to often restricted budgets, managing risks and offering clients ‘best value’.

They work in collaboration with clients to build effective delivery teams around specific project requirements to ensure that every process meets their clients’ objectives. As a building consultancy, their services are all encompassing, delivering a highly efficient and flexible end-to-end management process. Vitruvius orchestrate the entire construction process to ensure a smooth, pain free delivery of the project on time and to budget.

We think; We don’t just do…

Vitruvius are strategically forward thinking and look within your business, not your building, using their skills to provide flexible solutions to solve problems. Being well connected within the industry, in both the local and wider geographic area, means they can pull together bespoke teams to match and fit each individual clients’ needs. They hand-pick bespoke design teams for each project ensuring the clients’ needs are always put first.

The Vitruvius principles still resonate in the modern world…

Venustatis (Beauty) Enrich the people and communities that surround it.

Utilitas (Utility) It should fit the business needs and people that use it.

Firmatis (Durability) It must be future-proof.

The name Vitruvius: Taken from famous Roman architect in the 1st Century BC, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, the term “Architect” has ancient Greek origins and is translated as “Master Builder”.

Modern day Construction Project Management draws on the principles of the Roman Master Builders with one person being responsible for drawing together the design and construction process through the application of commercially aware technical knowledge combined with artistry in leadership in order to deliver successful projects.

It’s Business First – Vitruvius are part of the client team. To find out how Vitruvius can help with your project contact Mark Price on 01242 325005.