Every picture tells a story for Gloucestershire students

Pathos Images

The University of Gloucestershire Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course has set up its own picture agency, to facilitate the distribution of images taken by students to regional, national and international newspapers, agencies and periodicals.

The Pathos picture agency is not just a vehicle for the University’s students to sell their images to media outlets, it will also get them ready for industry by ensuring that they are well-versed in photographic industry standards.

The first sets of student images can be viewed on www.pathosimages.co.uk.

Images uploaded to the image library are first checked/edited by the Pathos Picture Desk, which for now, is course leader Paul Roberts. Later, the Picture Desk will be run by students − giving individuals the opportunity to intern with the agency.

Course leader, Paul Roberts said:“The Pathos picture agency will be a ‘safe space’ where our students can send their images. If the images aren’t quite correct, we will let students know what and how to fix. We will not just reject an image as a traditional picture agency would do.

“We will apply the highest ethical standards to the images accepted into the library. If something appears to be questionable with regards to ethics, then we will not distribute.

“The agency will be open to all photojournalism and documentary photography’ students, as well as to former students for three years post-graduation, enabling them to get a foothold in a very competitive industry.

“Our students can cover a wide range of subjects, in both stills-imagery and moving-image, and are available to be booked for commissions. Organisations interested in purchasing an image should email picturedesk@Pathosimages.co.uk or use the contact form on the image library website.”