Entrepreneurs roll out Covid-19 tests delivering results in 10 minutes

CHB Lady Chanelle McCoy[2]

Two entrepreneurs have joined forces to bring rapid result Covid-19 tests to the UK market.

The diagnostic finger-prick antibody testing kits return a result in 10 minutes and can determine if people currently have the virus, or have had it, by identifying antibodies developed against the virus, say the entrepreneurs.

The antigen tests detect virus DNA which can be identified from day one of infection, according to the company, with the tests returning a result in 15 minutes.

The tests have already been made available by Chanelle McCoy Health Ltd in Ireland, the company spearheaded by businesswoman, Dragon’s Den star and pharmaceutical expert Lady Chanelle McCoy (who is married to the jockey AP McCoy).

CHB Felicity Griffiths[2]CHB Medical, founded by Felicity Griffiths, has partnered with Chanelle McCoy Health Ltd to bring the tests to the UK. The partnership was forged by Lee Moulson, Global Head of Sales at CHB Medical, who has admired Chanelle’s work in the pharmaceutical world for a number of years.

Lee identified that joining forces another female-led business would be a recipe for success and as such the distribution channel was born and roll-out in the UK is already underway.

The UK-based international medical supplies company played a key role in the resumption of UK horse racing, working with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) to provide PPE for racing’s competitors and auxiliary services, as well as supplying boxing, horse eventing, private dental and medical chains along with other private sector organisations.

The tests are CE marked and the manufacturer is approved by the FDA in the USA. They are already being used successfully across corporate businesses to support large scale testing in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Australia and Sweden.

CHB Medical is part of the CHB Global group, which is headquartered in Cheltenham, and has offices in Edinburgh and Australia, and warehouses in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Felicity Griffiths, Founder and CEO of CHB Medical, said: “We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Chanelle McCoy Health Ltd to bring these new rapid antibody and antigen diagnostic tests to the UK market.

“Our team is working to provide bespoke packages for businesses on an enquiry-by-enquiry basis, we are able to scale-up our offering in line with the needs of an organisation, and the tests are compatible with private health passports.

“We have already been inundated with enquiries for the tests from businesses and organisations across a wide range of sectors, and it is clear that there is a huge demand for a test which can return a result in as little as 10 minutes.”

Lady McCoy, Founder and CEO of Chanelle McCoy Health, is an investor on Dragons Den in Ireland and says that mass testing regimes are key to controlling Covid-19 in the future.

She added: “We are delighted to be working with CHB Medical as our UK distributors of what is the most accurate and widely used Covid-19 rapid testing kit available on the market.

“CHB Medical has been selected as our partners due to their vast market experience and successes, professionalism and enthusiasm for the product, and shared vision that the future of COVID-19 control will undoubtedly lie in mass testing regimes.”