Entrepreneur takes stand against pollution with launch of plastic-free marketplace


In a bid to tackle plastic pollution and support small UK businesses, Berkshire-based Sarah Cruse has launched e-commerce site www.plasticfreethings.com.

With its mission to ‘make living without plastic easy for everyone’, Plasticfreethings.com is an online marketplace that connects sellers of everyday plastic-free things with consumers.

The website lists only plastic-free goods that are packaged and delivered in plastic-free materials – right down to the tape.

Plasticfreethings SarahSarah said: “Although there are many eco-retail sites out there that offer environmentally-friendly alternatives to mainstream products, we take further measures to be sustainable in all aspects of the business.

“At Plasticfreethings.com we only source sustainable products that are made in the UK and ensure items are dispatched according to our strict plastic-free guidelines.”

With a background in both zero waste website management and customer service, Sarah is now combining her passion with her expertise to help reduce plastic consumption.

The idea for the website came about when Sarah became frustrated by the amount of unnecessary plastic that would turn up with her own orders.

“I would take ages sourcing products that were deemed to be plastic-free only to have my items delivered in plastic wrapping or bubble wrap. This completely undermined why I bought the product in the first place. I therefore decided to take action by launching my own plastic-free business.”

Sellers are carefully vetted to make sure they share the same environmentally-friendly values as Plasticfreethings.com. Their working practices must adhere to the retailer’s high standards:

o All products avoid single-use plastic

o All products are delivered in 100% plastic-free packaging

o All products are made in the UK

o Cosmetic products must be safety tested to meet UK standards

o Toys must be CE marked

o Jewellery must be made from recycled metals to reduce the demand for mining

o Stationery must be made from recycled paper

o Candles must be made from beeswax or soy wax instead of paraffin