English Institute of Sport partners with Gloucester-based nutrition company

NutritionX English Institute of Sports

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) – which provides expert support services to British high performance sport – has chosen Gloucester-based NutritionX as a preferred nutrition supplier; a partnership that will see the EIS endorse Nutrition X products to the more than 20 strong network of sports nutrition professionals working closely with top-level athletes to help optimise performance.

As part of the agreement, Nutrition X will work with more than 20 nutritionists at the EIS, in turn helping to support the hydration, energy and muscle recovery of top British athletes across the UK.

The EIS Nutrition Team works in partnership with more than 40 sports, aiming to ensure the 8,000 meals every athlete eats every four years, combined with the right nutritional supplements, reduces the risk of injury and illness, facilitates the adaptive response to training and enhances competition performance.

Nutrition X specialises in the development and manufacture of a range of scientifically-formulated products and supplements by a team of world-renowned sports nutritionists.

As part of the partnership Nutrition X and the EIS will work together to develop a range of educational opportunities for the sports that the EIS works with. Nutrition X will also supply products to the EIS.

Head of Performance Nutrition at the EIS Mike Naylor said:“We are delighted to sign up to this relationship with Nutrition X, who are one of the leading companies in the world of nutrition. We know what an excellent service they can provide and importantly they share our commitment to clean sport.

“Nutrition X are a new partner for us for the Paris cycle and this relationship is part of our ongoing commitment to work with companies that we believe can help us to provide the most excellent support to the sports and athletes that we work with.

“At the EIS, we aim to match the appropriate nutrition intervention to the determinants of successful performance and we are confident that the knowledge and expertise of Nutrition X can help us to achieve that.”

James Markey, Managing Director at Nutrition X, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with the EIS and it’s an incredibly important partnership for us, not least because of the calibre of the organisation, but due to the values we share when it comes to clean, safe sport for all. We’re in awe of all that the EIS does for the athlete community, so to be a part of that service – supporting with science-backed supplements – is an honour; particularly in such an important year for the GB teams.

“We’re so excited to see what this partnership brings and the many was in which we can work together, not just when it comes to supplements, but in wider conversations surrounding athletic performance and the role that nutrition plays.”