Employment lawyer at Thursfields joins the board at Solihull BID

Thursfields Helena Morrissey[1]

A solicitor at Thursfields has been invited and appointed to the board of Solihull Business and Improvement District (BID).

Helena Morrissey, the director of Employment & HR Law department at Thursfields, said she was looking forward to bringing her experience to the BID’s board to help it meet the needs of its members.

Ms Morrissey said: “I was thrilled to have been invited to join the board of Solihull BID, and was pleased to accept immediately.

“The BID board is made up of a number of influential Solihull business leaders, as well as members from the council and police, and from what I’ve seen their work is impressive, especially during COVID-19.

“The BID has a dedicated information hub designed to keep members up to date with the latest on the pandemic for Solihull businesses, and this has become the go-to place for government updates, the latest funding advice, and information on which businesses are open.

“I think it’s crucial that local businesses are working together to help improve the areas where they operate and to support each other in these difficult times, and I’m really looking forward to playing my part on the BID board.”

Solihull BID is a business funded not for profit organisation formed to improve the defined area of Solihull Town Centre. Successful community projects reflect the ever-changing business needs, including the safety and security of the town and sustainable public realm investment.

Melanie Palmer, chief executive of Solihull BID, said: “We are delighted to welcome Helena to the BID board.

“It is essential that our governing board reflects members from every sector of our diverse business community and Helena is an ideal ambassador for our office and professional services focus.”