Employers across Worcestershire are encouraged to benefit from new government apprenticeship incentives

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WCG is one of the region’s largest apprenticeship providers and specialises in the training of those working in land-based industries.

The college group is delivering the latest apprenticeship standards from its colleges at Pershore and Evesham and helping companies secure their workforce of the future.

Apprenticeships covered include Veterinary Nursing, Arboriculture, Agriculture, Equine, Animal Care and Horticulture, including Golf Greenkeeping and Sports Turf.

Pershore College is also the only provider in Worcestershire offering apprenticeships in Land-Based Service Engineering, working with primarily horticultural machinery. The college is a national centre for horticulture and is unique in the region for being a predominantly land-based college.

It has a proud 60-plus year history of supporting the next generation of workers in those industries and apprentices benefit from expert tutelage.

Last month as part of a package of support measures the UK Government have introduced payments to support employers who hire new apprentices between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021.

Mark Eden, Director of Work-Based Learning at WCG, says many employers aren’t aware of the new government incentive scheme and the college will support them in accessing funding. He said: “We’re finding that lots of employers, especially those of a smaller size, aren’t aware of the new incentives that have been made available by Government for apprenticeships.

“At WCG, we are working to signpost employers to the right support and using our expertise to ensure employers get the most out of their apprenticeships. “We pride ourselves on the individuality of our apprenticeships in Worcestershire, it’s not a ‘one size, fits all’ approach but instead each apprenticeship is tailored to the individual. “With the new government incentives, now is the perfect time to take on an apprentice, especially if a business hasn’t done so before. It’s a cost-effective way of supporting your workforce and provides huge return on investment in the long term.”

Apprentices have been welcomed at across our colleges, Pershore College,  Evesham College, Malvern Hills College,  Rugby College,  Moreton Morrell,  Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick Trident

WCG offers a wide range of apprenticeships in a variety of industries.

Our Business Development team who will be able to help you negotiate the new incentives and benefit you in the best way possible.  For more information, contact: us on email employerenquiries@wcg.ac.uk  or call 0330 135 6940

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