Elegant new Worcester bridge could help revitalise city’s cultural quarter        

Proposed Chapter Meadows Bridge 2MB[2]

Key city figures, business owners and local organisations are backing a new foot and cycle bridge across the River Severn designed to breathe fresh life into Worcester’s Cultural Quarter.

Fundraising has already begun for Chapter Meadows Bridge, a £4 million project bidding to win financial support through the Government’s #MyTown initiative to transform towns and cities across the UK.

The proposed bridge aims to regenerate Worcester and connect the city’s communities by providing a second river crossing into the St John’s area.

The elegant single span structure will lead onto an additional causeway above the highest flood level to allow access from Severn Street, next to Worcester’s leading heritage sites, to Bromwich Road if the river bursts its banks.

Designed for walkers, cyclists and the disabled, the bridge will bring locals and tourists straight into the city’s Cultural Quarter – home of Worcester Cathedral, the Museum of Royal Worcester, Henry Sandon Hall, The Commandery and Vue Cinema – and the wider city centre.

View of the cathedral from the new bridge Credit Jason Goodlad[2](photo shows view from the proposed bridge) The crossing will also feature a central viewing platform offering a unique view of the city and its river.

Local schoolchildren will be able to cross the river safely to avoid main roads and more visitors will be attracted to Chapter Meadows, an area of natural beauty in the heart of a busy urban environment.

The scheme also fits into Worcester’s three-themed vision for a connected city, quality of life and economic diversity.

Jabba Riaz, local councillor and former Mayor of the city, said: “I believe Worcester residents will share my enthusiasm for this exciting project which will greatly improve their quality of life. It will also showcase our beautiful riverside and cultural heritage.”

Supporters of the scheme can post comments in the Worcester section of the #MyTown website:    https://mytown.communities.gov.uk/town/worcester/