Pictured: Left to Right Stephanie Okafar, Sascha Lewis, Matt Franks, Sarah Davitt & John Aikman
DRP Apprentice

Local Worcestershire based company DRPG creative communications group were part of the trailblazers to promote and provide input into this national apprenticeship scheme, the first and only scheme to be dedicated to events. This scheme has been a game changer for the events industry. First launched in 2016, the standard is now fully approved and recognised, and promoted through the Event Management Apprenticeship Programme. This led to the company taking on two event assistant apprentices, Sarah Davitt and Sascha Lewis. They have now qualified and are the first two apprentices to complete this qualification in the whole of the UK. DRPG are proud to have trained and hired both into full time employment with the company.

The scheme currently has 48 event assistant apprentices enrolled. Overall in 2017/18, there were 814,800 people participating in an apprenticeship in England, with 375,800 (46%) apprenticeship starts and 276,200 (34%) apprenticeship achievements. An apprenticeship scheme delivers lots of practical, real life, on-the-job training and experiences. Sarah and Sascha now take on full time roles within the group, Sarah becoming an account executive, and Sascha a project coordinator.

Reflecting on their qualifications and achievements, Sascha comments “It feels amazing to have completed my apprenticeship. It hasn’t been easy, but all of my hard work has paid off and I can’t wait to start building my career within DRPG. The best thing about the apprenticeship was learning whilst on the job, and now I’ve got a qualification at the end of it.” Sarah says “I am so happy to have finished my apprenticeship! Being able to study and gain experience in the event industry was exactly what I wanted. I feel like I have really started my career which not a lot of 20 year olds can say.”

Dale Parmenter, CEO of DRPG praised both for completing the apprenticeship: “It is a great achievement to see Sarah and Sascha qualify, and to be the first two in the industry to do this is a fantastic milestone for them personally but also for the events industry as well. I’m looking forward to seeing them flourish within their new roles and supporting to deliver for our various clients. As always, I look forward to onboarding more apprentices whilst seeing our other cohorts develop and grow to with our business.”

As a business, DRPG’s aim is to grow and nurture a constant pipeline of people and talent for the future, and the apprenticeship schemes are a big part in helping to support this. This process has many successors within the group, with Board member Richard Hingley starting his career as an apprentice 20 years ago. He now currently holds the position of the group’s Creative Director.