Don’t Miss Out This Time… Develop your STAR® Managers and generate the same Incredible Results that others are enjoying already…

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Notion Ltd

The Government via Innovate UK is providing a subsidy for businesses to participate in one of the most exciting and innovative management skills programmes in history, designed to help businesses meet new challenges and to drive business growth.

Launched as an initiative in the West Midlands recently, in just the first two weeks alone two learners on the programme have recorded successes of £125,000 and £11,000 per month and they still have 90% of the programme to go!

There’s still time to apply if you act fast!  Due to the huge popularity of this initiative, Notion, creators of the STAR® Manager programme, has been asked to run a second government-subsidised cohort to stimulate SME growth.

STAR® Manager is a unique, award-winning online development programme that’s already proven to deliver significant increases in management effectiveness, teamwork, creativity and performance levels as well as driving sales growth and profits.

Companies have reported impressive results with 63% of managers who’ve been through STAR® Manager saying that their teams have shown increased problem-solving skills and 47% that their employees are more engaged. More importantly, 60% say that’s given them much needed time back!

The key to this 6-month online training programme is that it embeds new skills immediately without requiring managers to be out of the business, which has always been a challenge.

Notion’s MD Dominic Ashley-Timms said: “We’re delighted to offer this second chance for SMEs to offer their managers something new and exciting that will help them to drive growth and massively improve the productivity and creativity of their businesses.”

Don’t miss out this time… Funding is available until 31st March 2020! Apply for this groundbreaking opportunity via the website