Distinctive Flooring: Helping you to make over your office space

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Distinctive flooring

In today’s economic climate, where commercial office space is becoming more and more expensive, it’s much more budget friendly to invest in your existing space, rather than find a new one. Giving your current office space a new look can help to boost both productivity and staff morale, and as a result, has a direct result in business output.

Distinctive Flooring, based in Kidderminster, are experts at helping business owners breathe new life into their existing spaces, and with a few cost-effective changes, you can start to reap the rewards in no time.

A subsidiary of Victoria PLC, Distinctive Flooring have been in operation since 2010, and offer a range of flooring solutions for commercial and residential projects alike. Working closely with flooring retailers, Distinctive Flooring are at an exciting stage in their journey, introducing a new range of luxury vinyl tile products to the market.

Luxury vinyl tile is a popular flooring option for commercial spaces; as well as offering underfoot comfort and acoustic benefits, it’s also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, the polyurethane wear layer makes this type of flooring incredibly durable, ideal for high traffic areas. It is also available in a huge range of designs and styles, from wood effect planks to stone inspired tiles – ensuring there is a product to suit all spaces. Browse the full range here.

To help you in your office renovation planning, the design team at Distinctive Flooring have pulled together some top tips to help you get the most from your investment…

Find your Floor

For a floor that truly makes your space stand out, try mixing different colours and plank styles to create sectioned or ‘zoned areas’ within your space, allowing your space to be more multifunctional.

Choose a contrasting flooring option for your meeting area to help separate the space from everyday workspace, to help encourage focus and productivity.

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Organise your Layout

The layout of your office environment can have a significant effect on the overall performance, wellbeing and morale of your team. Facing desks inwards in a ‘pod’ style can lead to increased communication and collaboration between your team, however, it can also lead to distraction.

Recent studies show that workplaces with good levels of natural light have up to a 40% increase in productivity and sales. Ensure that windows and doors are unobstructed, and that natural light is encouraged into the space, for a simple way to improve the mood within the space, as well as increasing employee wellbeing.

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Inject Colour

Another easy way to make your office space stand out from the crowd is to inject colour. Swap out functional, traditional furniture for bright and quirky tables, desks and chairs, include a feature wall using your brand colours, or simply look at incorporating bright soft furnishings, such as cushions and blinds, to create an instantly more engaging space.

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Incorporate Subtle Touches

Little touches in and around your space, really help to elevate office design, making it look more polished and put together. Subtleties such as printed quotes on the walls, quirky ornaments or interesting light fixtures really help to make people feel more comfortable and content within commercial spaces.

You have free reign to make the touches as subtle, or as extravagant as you like, so take the needs of your end user into account and create a space that truly inspires.

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Are you looking to create a stand out space? Contact the Distinctive Flooring team for help and support with your upcoming projects and be sure to follow the company on Twitter (@distinctfloor), Instagram (@distinctiveflooring), or Facebook (@distinctivedesignflooring).