Deal secured in a Gloucester boxing club widens distribution of innovative sanitising tech

Sanitiser Sentinel

A unique product developed in Gloucester which reminds people to wash or sanitise their hands and which has been installed across NHS sites and private practices across the UK for clinical trials, will now be available to a much wider customer base after it agreed to a distribution deal with the UK’s leading engineering distributor group, Troy UK.

The Sanitiser Sentinel, developed by entrepreneur engineer Vivian Blick, is the world’s first spoken and visual reminder for hand sanitisation.

The new business deal came about after an unlikely meeting in Fight Factory boxing gym in Gloucester, where Mark Wadley at Fast Tools, and Vivian Blick, sparked up the knockout idea of pitching the lifesaving technology to Troy UK, one of the leaders of industrial engineering supplies in the UK.

The Sanitiser Sentinel comes complete with flashing lights and has up to 26 selectable messages built in, spoken in as many as 20 different languages. The technology aims to limit the spread of harmful diseases in shared spaces such as offices, supermarkets, shopping centres and public bathrooms.

Mark Wadley Managing Director of Fast Tools sparked the initial conversation with Vivian Blick co-founder of Sanitiser Sentinel, suggesting the advanced technology would be perfect for end users with the engineering sector. Fast Tools delivers tools to the engineering industry offering a daily service across the UK. The determined duo put down the boxing gloves, stepped out of the ring and pitched the idea to, Karl Morgan Purchasing Manager at Troy UK. The world class pitch was so well delivered that they secured a new business deal.

Troy UK is one of the UK’s leading purchasing consortiums that typically operates in the engineering and manufacturing world.

Vivian Blick, Co-Founder of Sanitiser Sentinel, said: “I feel very grateful to be part of a project that works with the intention of saving so many lives. I’ve gathered plenty of experience over the years working on product inventions, but none of the previous inventions I have worked on compare to Sanitiser Sentinel. I’m excited to be working on this project with Mark and Karl.  Often the most successful opportunities arrive when you least expect them, and I am looking forward to working with Troy UK to get the Sanitiser Sentinel message out there for all to hear. The connections and suppliers Troy UK have access to, will help to get this brilliant and much-needed technology in front of the right companies to help to save more lives across the UK as we head into a new normal. This is certainly a watch this space moment.”

Karl Morgan Purchasing Manager at Troy UK, added:“As a company we pride ourselves in championing independent distributers such as Sanitiser Sentinel and we are excited to offer them the service of being an extension of their team, giving a competitive advantage to our suppliers. Sanitiser Sentinel is a fantastic product which we hope will be a success and our vast range of customers will ensure it gets in front of the right people, who will be able to push this product into a wider range of public spaces across the UK.”