Data collection company keeps businesses on track through Covid-19

Mo Naser – SmartSurvey

Tewkesbury-based data collection specialist SmartSurvey has seen an upsurge in surveys being created related to COVID-19. The survey provider has seen a diverse range of use cases such as: businesses looking to connect with employees now working from home, schools connecting with parents and pupils due to closures and local authorities wanting to find out how they can help the most vulnerable members of communities.

There has been a particularly high volume of surveys about remote working. Surveys are a quick and effective way of getting feedback en masse to understand the challenges employees are facing as they transition from an office to a home working environment. The typical questions SmartSurvey has seen employers ask staff range from checking that they are able to work effectively from home and have been set up correctly, to ensuring they are able to participate in distance learning. Given that many of these workers may never have worked remotely before, such communication and feedback is vital in quickly getting them the support they need to ensure operations continue running smoothly.

For the fast-growing business which already works with organisations such as Gloucestershire County Council, Stroud District Council and NHS Gloucestershire, as well as some global brands it highlights how survey technology is being used in innovative ways to help organisations overcome the unique challenges of engaging with their people while maintaining social distancing.

SmartSurvey’s CEO, Mo Naser explains:  “Covid-19 is creating a difficult time for families, communities and businesses everywhere. For organisations trying to keep their employees safe and operations running, changing their working arrangements and methods of communication overnight has been a massive upheaval. SmartSurvey are working closely with both new and existing customers, helping them engage with their audiences through our technology to make more informed decisions around COVID-19 issues. If you have been affected and feel we could help you through our software, please get in touch through our website. We’re doing our best to assist in any way and we’re only too happy to do so. Ultimately, if we all pull together, we can get through this uncertain and challenging period.”