CyberCX hosts webinar on the steps to safeguard your organisation’s data post Brexit

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As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union on 31st December, organisations need to be aware of how Brexit could impact their data processing activities. During this transition period, data protection laws continue to apply for UK businesses.

To help organisations prepare and protect themselves from risk at this crucial time, large-scale cybersecurity services firm CyberCX is hosting a free webinar titled:

Data Protection in the UK Post Brexit – How to prepare your organisation.

15th December – 11.00am – 11.30am

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The interactive online discussion aims to help businesses build a tangible plan – no matter the Brexit deal outcome at the end of the year – and will cover data protection subjects such as privacy policies, standard contractual clauses, and more.

At the webinar, CyberCX Data Protection Specialist Melanie Woodcock will lead the talk on post-Brexit data protection and will explain the key steps the organisations need to act on.

This webinar will help your organisation to build an action plan which will ensure your organisation is prepared and compliant, and also give assurance and confidence that the data is manged safely and the reputation of the business is not at risk.

The webinar will provide valuable expertise and practical tips on key steps to compliance with data protection regulation including:

  1. Data mapping
  2. Evaluating standard contractual clauses
  3. Assessing if your business needs binding corporate rules
  4. Ensuring privacy policies are in place and transparent
  5. Conducting due diligence on suppliers
  6. Data protection impact assessments.

Melanie will conclude the talk by answering the audience’s questions during a live Q&A session. The webinar is ideal for staff who have day-to-day responsibility for data protection and data processing activities.

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In November this year, CyberCX launched its UK and US operations following the recent acquisition of UK cyber firm CQR, with its UK Headquarters in Oxfordshire.

The company has also appointed former National Security Agency director Rt. Adm. Michael Rogers as head of CyberCX’s Global Cyber Security Advisory Board.  Besides leading the US Cyber Command and Central Security Service under Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Rt. Adm. Rogers’ new role in CyberCX allows him to give expert advice to the firm’s technology and service offerings, including supporting the group’s UK and US expansion.

CyberCX has over 600 cybersecurity professionals and plans to significantly grow its skilled workforce in the UK and US, delivering end-to-end cyber security services.

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