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Promotional Business Feature: The South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC)

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre, is a police-led, not-for-profit company which has just started up to protect regional businesses and charities form cyber crime.

The centre provides its core service for free, giving out some great and plain-English guidance on how to make your IT safer, and supplementing it with regular newsletters and webinars to keep you up to speed with the latest opportunities. But the centre’s commercial approach allows us to do more than you’d traditionally expect from policing: it can contract directly with you to provide affordable cyber security services,

The centre is now forming partnerships with regional universities, and seeking the best and brightest ‘ethical hacking’ talent from courses in the South West. These hand-picked students can then be deployed to work alongside the centre’s experienced team, to look in detail at your business. For you, this provides a real opportunity to secure a highly-professional product at an affordable rate, whilst for the students, there’s a great chance to understand how the commercial world works, and build their CV.

We know that the threat of cyber attack on business is growing, but that many people don’t know where to look for affordable, trustworthy guidance. But this model allows the cyber resilience centre  to provide fully-insured, professional service at a price point that works for the smaller business. There are a number of specific service options. They can investigate what information is out there that might be used to attack your company: personal details, breached passwords, and data available on the dark web.  They check on the security of your website and systems, come in and scrutinise your current policies and procedures, or even deliver a staff training session. Find out more on the website at

And if you  need more than the centre’s student services can provide, we  can point you in the direction of trusted local companies who have demonstrated their competence and share the commitment to supporting SME’s in the region. So whilst the crux of the offer remains ‘something for nothing’, if you need a little more, it’s worth checking out the cyber resilience centre as a gateway to additional services that you can afford and trust.

You can read more about SWCRC is their series of articles here:

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