Cyber security company Red Maple Technologies launches Trebuchet

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Red Maple Technologies launches ‘Trebuchet’ – a new and simple way to send and receive files securely and privately.

Headquartered in Cheltenham and based at Eagle Tower, Red Maple Technologies is a cyber security professional services consultancy, who aim to help all businesses improve their cybersecurity maturity no matter their size. Red Maple believes all businesses can have access to world class expertise to help them flourish and operate safely online.

Established in 2018 and run by experienced engineers from the UK National Security and Defence communities, Rob Stemp (CEO) and David Griffiths (CTO) are proud of the exceptional team they have built over the past 3 years and are looking to grow the business further by expanding their London office to offer greater breadth of cybersecurity professional services.

The team at Red Maple Technologies have years of experience gained across both private and public sectors, and work with clients from across Financial Services, HealthTech, Banking, FinTech, Defence, Government, Risk & Compliance and Professional Services markets.

Adaptable and with a genuine love of technology and emerging innovations they build solutions for clients using public / hybrid Cloud environments, micro-services and containers with world class cyber security underpinning the solution.

During lockdown Red Maple built a file sharing tool for their own purpose. After receiving very positive comments from clients who asked for a version that they could use, Red Maple decided to turn it into a commercial product using the same internal project name, Trebuchet.

Red Maple launch Trebuchet…

Trebuchet is a new secure file sharing platform, designed to be an easy-to-use, secure and private way to send large files to anyone.

 Rob Stemp explains “As a consultancy, we’re constantly having to send and receive sensitive files with our customers, and we needed to be confident that only the intended people could see the information. At home, we also wanted to easily share files with family and friends. We couldn’t find a sharing tool that worked for all our requirements, so we built one ourselves”.

“Trebuchet is a tool for secure and private file sharing that allows you to send files and messages to anyone, using a link that expires, so your data won’t remain in email inboxes or online forever.  Trebuchet uses end-to-end encryption; data is encrypted in the web browser and the encryption key is never sent to our servers, so only the recipient of the full link can decrypt the data.”

“As a consultancy it’s always good to practice what you preach and so as well as internal design and code reviews, Trebuchet has been penetration tested by a third-party ready for launch.”

“Trebuchet has a FREE tier so anyone can sign up and start using it today – no payment details are required.”

Visit our website or contact the team at Red Maple to find out more about how Trebuchet can simplify and secure your file sharing.

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