Cyber-Security. A catalyst for business growth…

Promotional Article - Photo: Andrew Peters-Smith, Managing Director

Don’t hold back on your business ambitions. Managed Cyber-Security Services will release you to focus on innovation.

For many IT professionals and business leaders, Cyber-Security can seem overwhelming. The consequences of a breach are damaging, and a business must remain agile, efficient, and provide flexibility to employees while defending their data, assets, staff, and integrity.

The digital world has changed how people consume IT, re-defining what a business can achieve and deliver to its customers. The evolving world of cloud services and device mobility has created a huge security problem for IT teams. As technology evolves, so have the threats and cyberattacks that are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and frequent.

The potential attack surface has expanded – it’s no longer just the company firewall and devices within the company office, it is now any device in any location. The old adage of “you are only as secure as your weakest link” is still true today.

The reality is that all organisations, not just those in the headlines, face the same security challenges every day, albeit not with the same resources to protect themselves. Security tools are evolving and improving all the time, with intelligent automation helping to alleviate the strain on IT created by the sheer volume of malicious traffic.

Yet, even with all this automation, you still need skilled humans to interpret some of this data and make sensible decisions. For most businesses, it’s a complex and costly uphill challenge to employ those skilled people and resources and stay protected.

As a leading Cyber-Security and IT solutions company, Axonex, solve these challenges through 24×7 Managed IT and Cyber Security services. Axonex take responsibility for the overall cyber strategy and capabilities of their customers, enabling them to focus on what’s important – achieving their goals, fostering innovation, and creating a secure platform for growth. It’s critical that as a business grows, as new technologies become available, and as the threat landscape changes, that IT adapts accordingly. Through Lifecycle management, Axonex ensures that all IT processes and technologies remain in line with the business ambitions.

Headquartered in Cheltenham,  Axonex leverage 15 years expertise  in the IT industry, with founder  Andrew Peters-Smith, ex-GCHQ, at the helm as Managing Director.

In 2018 Axonex achieved recorded record growth, securing contracts with both global and local businesses.

With a success built on its advanced technical and commercial capabilities, Axonex in 2017 achieved Cisco Gold Partner status placing them as a UK leader in IT services. Axonex continues to expand its capabilities, with new offices housing an in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC)  and Network Operations Centre (NOC) following a significant investment. Hiring skilled employees, investing in management tools, training, and expertise has been critical to delivering expert consultancy and trusted services.

With dedicated teams covering all areas of IT, from Data Centre, Cloud, Collaboration, and Networking, Axonex integrate Security throughout all layers of the business.

Put simply, it’s all connected. From the end user, to the desktop, to the network. Effective Cyber-Security requires an integrated approach across people, processes, and technologies.